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What does Furry Luck Bali do?

There are more than 175,000 stray dogs in Bali, many of which are emaciated, sick or injured. Unfortunately, many people pass by, without even looking at them.
We want to change this and have therefore founded our own animal welfare organization Furry Luck Bali. Furry Luck Bali is an association registered in Switzerland.

In our shelter we want to give the sick animals the chance to recover physically and mentally.
Not only the animals in our shelter should be doing better but also the animals that fight for survival every day on the streets. We also take care that these street animals. In addition to their daily meals, we are making sure they also vaccinated and castrated or sterilized.
Unfortunately, here in Indonesia female dogs are not very welcome and therefore many of them are abandoned on the street. Many people here simply cannot afford to pay to neuter the animals.

Some dogs, such as Maja, Reto’s dog, have had unspeakable luck, were rescued from the streets and now have a wonderful home where they are pampered and experience the love and affection that every living creature deserves.

Who we are

on site in Bali


I was born on 15.06.1992 in Switzerland.

In the last two years I have been very involved in helping street dogs and supporting different organizations. 

But I realized with time that I would like to have something of my own, my own organization, my own animal shelter. It was very clear for me, that the shelter should be in Bali because that’s where I adopted my dog Maja from the streets there.

Honorary contact person

in Germany

I was born on 29.11.1977. I grew up in a village in Rhineland-Palatinate. Ever since I was a child, I have been involved in animal welfare.

I remember exactly the day when my friend (we were 7 years old at that time) came to me and told me that a farmer from the village had kittens and he was going to kill them because he didn’t want them. She told me that he will throw the kittens against the wall. After school, we went straight to that farmer and yelled at him and said that he must not kill the kittens and that he must promise us that he will not kill them. The farmer promised us, but what he actually did I don’t know.

Not to mention, the butcher who had his shop right at “my” school bus stop. Every time a pig or a cow was brought for slaughter, I would pick a fight with him and call him an animal abuser and a murderer.


From street dog to globetrotting dog
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Maja's story

Unfortunately I don’t like remembering where I was born, whether on the street or in a real home. But I do know that at about 7 weeks old I was already living alone on the street without my mom and I had to fight for my food there.

On 23. Januar 2021 I sat there at the roadside in Nusa Penida and watched the people passing by.

Suddenly, a young man walked past me and I was somehow attracted to him. I had a feeling that I had to follow him.

Unfortunately, he walked over a kilometer and with my short legs, I thought he would never arrive at his destination.

Luckily I didn’t give up and he finally reached his homestay.
He greeted me very kindly and even shared his food with me, what a lucky day!

But then suddenly he disappeared into a room and I was sitting in front of a closed door.
So I decided to sleep right here in front of this door, after all he had to come out again sometime….
Suddenly the door opened and there he was. I greeted him being full of joy and hoped that I would get me more to eat.
By the way in the meantime I learned that the man’s name was Reto.

This game went on for 3 days: He spend time with me, gave me some food, and then disappeared again.

But after these 3 days, suddenly something new and unexpected happened for me:
He took me in his arms and drove with me to a place called vet.

To make it even worse, at home he put me in a tub full of water.
After I was finally dry again, the door behind which Reto always disappeared suddenly opened, but this time I was also allowed to enter.

That day changed my life completely:
I suddenly had a real home!

You want to support Furry Luck Bali?

We want our shelter to become a small paradise for street dogs, where the dogs can move freely and get a new start into a better life.

Bank details Switzerland‍
Furry Luck Bali e.V.
Heckenweg 8
5430 Wettingen
IBAN: CH31 0900 0000 1579 3430 9

+41 79 176 55 65


Bank details Germany
Reto Steimer
IBAN: DE70 1203 0000 1054 0274 51


What happens with your donation

With your donation we will not only take care of our shelter dogs, but also feed many other street dogs. We will buy medicine for the sick animals, pay vet bills and make sure we can neuter/sterilize as many strays as possible.

Do you have any questions?


To all who have already donated.


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